ABHAS (Antarrashtrya Avadhi Bhasha Samiti) Foundation
in collaboration with faculty, students, and community members invites a selected group of leaders from social, political, intellectual, and academic domains to a workshop on
avadhi seminar
Program will include brief presentations by scholars on the history, geography, literature, script, culture, and philosophy of Avadhi language in effort to elevate its status as a national language. A panel discussion on the strategies to advance the idea of Avadhi as a national language will be organized with leaders from various walks of life.
Background : The idea of elevating the Avadhi language to the national level has been discussed for the past four years with students, faculty, and community members on JNU campus. The concept is based on the extraordinary amount of literature created by Tulsidas, Jayasi, Kabir, and others in the past, continued use of the language by public both in oral and literary traditions, and the strong sense of culture and literature unique to the Avadh region comprising of over 60 million people nationally and internationally.
Organizing Committee