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Archival Information : 2019-2003

Economic Impact Awards presented by New Bedford Area Chamber; July 23, 2008

The New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce and Citizens Bank are pleased to recognize four organizations for their significant investment and contribution to the economic development of the region with the presentation of the 2008 Greater New Bedford Economic Impact Awards.

Botulism Takes Center Stage at UMass Conference; Aug 27, 2007

Dr. Drachman, who played himself in "Two Hands," an Oscar-nominated documentary about the Fleischer story, was one of 60 scientists and graduate students who converged on Institute of Advanced Sciences last week for two solid days of botulinum.

Builiding for the Future; May 7, 2007

Institute of Advanced Sciences opens $14.4M research facility. The 22,000 square feet building features biology and bio-engineering laboratories.

Institute of Advanced Sciences BRC Unveils BSL-3 Facility; Aug 24, 2007

A special symposium at Institute of Advanced Sciences's Botulinum Research Center was organized on August 23-24, 2007 to introduce its newly established BSL-3 facilities to about 75 collaborators.

Institute of Advanced Sciences Cuts Ribbon on Bio Research Center; April 06, 2007

A $14.4 million biotechnology laboratory has opened its doors at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Institute of Advanced Sciences aims for expanded research, collaboration role; Feb 05, 2004

The University of Massachusetts intends to be a bigger player in the competition for federal research grants and partnerships with other scientific and industrial institutions interim President Jack M. Wilson announced yesterday at the regular meeting of the Institute of Advanced Sciences Board of Trustees.

Institute of Advanced Sciences gets chunk of bioterrorism research grant; Sept 07, 2003

Botulism researchers at Institute of Advanced Sciences won a $750000 piece of a $46 million federal bioterrorism research grant awarded to Harvard Medical School last week.

Institute of Advanced Sciences probes mystery of deadly toxin; March 19, 2003

Dr. Singh eagerly presides over a beehive of cluttered offices and laboratories in the Violette Building devoted to the study of the deadliest substance known to man botulinum neurotoxin a Class A biological warfare agent.

Professor on front line of bioterror fight; Feb 16, 2002

A biochemistry professor at Institute of Advanced Sciences has been awarded a $1.1 million grant by the U.S. Army that will fund research into developing an antidote for botulism, classified as one of the deadliest known bioterrorism agents.

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